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Online Map and Data Resource Links

Federal Government

Environmental System Research Institute, Inc. GIS and mapping software

Geography Network – Access to maps, data, and related services

GIS Data Depot – Download data sets from around the world

Intergraph – GIS and mapping software and products

LizardTech MrSid – Download a free viewer for high resolution images

Microsoft Encarta TerraServer – An interactive map server for imagery searches

National Geographic Society Map Machine – Generate maps worldwide

Orbimage – Satellite and aerial images. Free samples of GIS-ready OrbView Cities imagery

Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center – Download socioeconomic data (population, environmental and census data) from around the world

Spot Imaging Corporation – Access information on imagery and map products

World Atlas: Maps and Geography of the World – Maps and geographical information from around the world

Federal Government
FedStats – Agricultural, population, immigration, demographic, business, crime, energy, and environmental data and statistics

National Atlas of the United States – Access to map-like views of natural and socioeconomic landscapes

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

    National Geophysical Data Center – Download geophysical data (glaciology, marine geology, paleoclimatology, etc.)

    National Weather Service Advanced Weather Information Processing System Map Database Catalog – Features spatial data on hydrology, cities and urban areas, transportation and boundaries

    National Ocean Service MapFinder – Contains data and imagery of coastal photography, nautical charts, coastal survey maps, bathymetry, etc.

    Office of Coastal Survey – Digital versions of historical maps and charts, as well as current tide information and an on-line chart index

U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics Geographic Information Services – Spatial data relating to the national transportation network

U.S. Census Bureau – Access to demographic and economic statistics and a link to the TIGER digital mapping database

U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service – GIS data on agriculture, conservation needs, croplands, soils, etc.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Environmapper – On-line GIS-assisted tool for mapping environmental information

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service GIS – GIS data and information from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

    National Wetlands Inventory – Download data for information about deepwater and wetlands habitat

U.S. Forest Service Geographic Data Center – Digital Elevation Models, Digital Orthophoto Quads, and Base Series maps for U.S. Forest Service areas are available at this site

U.S. Geological Survey – Access to satellite information and imagery used in mapping activities

    Earth Science Information Center – Nationwide information about USGS products

    National Hydrography Dataset – Spatial data containing information about surface water features

U.S. Library of Congress American Memory – Collection of historical maps for downloading.

U.S. National Imagery and Mapping Agency – Access to geographic data and software to create maps at home

Alabama Geological Survey GIS – Data relating to natural resources in the state of Alabama

Arkansas Center for Advanced Spatial Techonologies – Catalog of Digital Geospatial Data – Access cadastral, geopolitical, hydrology, socioeconomic and other data types for Arkansas

Energy and Environmental Information Resource Center – Access information about data in the Gulf of Mexico region

Florida Department of Environmental Protection – Access spatial data and information for Florida’s natural and environmental areas

Mississippi Automated Resources Information System – This site houses all of the state’s data sets, with most available for downloading

NASA/University of Louisiana at Lafayette Regional Application Center Lab – Provides satellite and remotely sensed imagery

Texas Natural Resources Information System – Distributes spatial data for the state of Texas

University of Arkansas, Monticello, Natural State Digital Database – Contains the Arkansas USGS Digital Orthographic Quads, Digital Raster Graphics, and more.

U.S.Geological Survey National Wetlands Research Center (NWRC)

    NWRC Spatial Data and Metadata Server – Access to data sets created by the Center, includes habitat and seagrass data for the Gulf of Mexico Coast

Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality GIS Center – Contains data for environmental issues

Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

Louisiana Electronic Assistance Program (LEAP) – Access to extensive statistical data about Louisiana

Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinator’s Office Data Catalog – This site contains the data holdings for Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinator’s Office Environmental Baseline Inventory

Louisiana Population Data Center – Download data about the population of Louisiana, such as parish population estimates by age groups

Louisiana State Land Office/GIS Data – State lands office data

Louisiana State University ATLAS Data Server – Download GIS and mapping data for Louisiana

Louisiana State University Cadgis Research Laboratory – Provides information for the Louisiana State University CAD/GIS lab